Сonsider The Nuances In Choosing An Expensive Kitchen

Who doesn’t like a shiny new kitchen appliance? Whether it’s a coffee machine, a juicer, an ice-cream maker, a popcorn maker or a new blender, the appeal of sparklingly new kitchen appliances is strong. If it were not, the companies selling toasters, blenders, mincers, juicers, coffee makers, ice cream makers, bread makers, dough mixers, smoothie blenders, egg whiskers, popcorn makers, microwaves, sandwich presses, kettles and a plethora of other kitchen appliances would simply go out of business! But they don’t – so they must be selling plenty of expensive kitchen appliances to people like you and me.

When considering whether or not to buy an expensive kitchen appliance, and by expensive I mean more than say $50, there are a few things you should keep in mind each time. After all, every kitchen appliance you buy in going to take space up in your kitchen, potentially either getting used every day with a smile or lumped from one kitchen bench surface to the next with a grunt and irritation since nobody ever uses it, but no one knows whether to get rid of it or not.

So for starters, ask yourself whether you will actually use the item often enough to effectively have it pay itself off: bread makers, ice cream makers, and popcorn makers are all good examples. Do you really eat that much bread, ice cream or popcorn that your appliance will pay itself off in serves of those foods? If you only eat popcorn two or three times a year, for instance, maybe you would be better off saving your money and simply buying hot popcorn when you want to eat it.

Secondly, is the gadget easy and fast enough to be a practical addition to your kitchen? If it is too complicated, too slow, too big or too noisy, for instance, it may get relegated to the back cupboard, wasting your space and of course your money.

Third: could you try out a friend’s first?

Often the idea of a whizzbang-whatchamacallit maker sounds awesome until you try it – great globs of a mess, awkward shapes to wash up in the sink and a consultation with the booklet written in Chinglish to tell you how to put it all back together can make an appliance a lot less cool than you originally expected.

If you’re sure you want to buy it, then have you shopped around for the best price and considered eBay, Gumtree, and other similar secondhand options? Buying something secondhand is no longer considered uncool – it’s a smart and eco-friendly way of purchasing.

Don’t get fixated on the latest “feature” in the new models – let’s face it, there’s not much more than a toaster can do except toast bread – no matter what it claims!

Finally, as an experiment, try saving the money before you buy something. Actually holding that cash in your hand may help you to make the final decision about whether you really feel that the expensive kitchen appliance is actually worth that amount of hard-earned money.  But if you decide yes, then do it – and enjoy! There’s nothing quite like a new kitchen appliance to play with and show off to your friends.