Shop Around for Cheap Travel Insurance

One in seven of us will need to make a claim on our travel insurance whilst abroad.

25% of us will risk traveling without any insurance at all!

There are plenty of cheap travel insurance policies on the Net and we should always be protected on our trips abroad.

Here are some things to be aware of when you are looking around for cover –

Beware of Overly Expensive Cover for the Over 65s…

According to The Association of British Insurers, a policyholder over 65 will be three times more likely to claim on their travel insurance. And their claim will normally be triple the size of one that is made by a younger person. This is the main reason why insurance is so expensive for the over 65s.

Of course, any insurers will charge more for people over that age, but some companies will be less expensive than others. Many insurers who offer cheap travel insurance may charge only 25% extra for older policyholders, so it is always worth shopping around…

Use comparison websites!

Many people think that travel agents will offer the lowest priced travel cover… However, this is just not true.

If you take out a policy when you book your holiday, then it can cost over 91% more than a provider of cheap travel insurance!

Again, this is because your travel agents are trying to add an incremental service. They will be looking to make a tidy profit…

You will normally have far better chance of finding cheap travel insurance by using comparison websites! And if you take out your travel cover with the same company who supply you with another type of insurance, then you will probably get an even better deal!

Be Aware of ‘Multiple Policy Excesses’!

Always check the small print of a travel insurance policy. Some companies will turn one claim into two and charge you twice the amount of excess!!

If you were to fall down the stairs whilst abroad and you smashed your mobile phone in the process, then would your insurer treat this as two separate claims? Find out; it could save you a lot of money! is here to help you get the best travel insurance for your needs; they offer a huge range of policies with customizable levels of cover plus online medical screening to help cover those vital medical issues.