What Kind of Car Insurance Do I Need?

Is there a specific broker who specialises in what you do for a living? Some industries have special insurance needs and so brokers have specialised to have the best deals. Places like the National Farmers Union might well have good insurance deals for farmers – but maybe not so good for someone who works in a city.

If you have a particularly type of fast car then you might well already read various chat forums, as well as the owners club magazines. There will be discussions on who offers great insurance deals. There are lots of people who work at garages who’ll also have useful info – listen to everyone! Make notes and then check out everything!

For classic cars there are many classic car forums who will know lots of great brokers and car insurance deals out there too. By listening to the people who also have the same type of car you’ll hear about the good places – and the bad!

Always check the prices for you – don’t just blindly assume because someone the other end of the country has had a cheap price that you will.

Check the price against other insurance companies too.

Negotiate – whilst we all love doing things online you can often barter with them to get a price reduction. This especially works with existing insurance companies who will try and tell you the new customer discount is because the policy is worse than the on you already have. Talk to them and say how unfair it is and see if they can give you a loyalty bonus!

By negotiating you can get them to match the price of their competitor! If they’re not matching the price elsewhere then tell them you are prepared to go to a new company.

Some companies offer you a discount if you’re a member of other organisations. Owners clubs might help – as they might well consider enthusiasts safer drivers!

If you’ve done additional driving courses then mention this – advanced driving skills are worth having!


This is the most important part of insurance. Tell them the truth about everything. If you lie then you risk not being insured!